Llama Sweater

26 02 2008

Anyone want this sweater?
Complete with nieve in the hair: A regular Snow White.

Oh the llama sweater, a staple in the tourist arsenal. In Peru they are sold everywhere and everyone seems to have one. Made (ostensibly) of llama wool, they are soft and oh-so-warm and tourists love to buy them.

On our second day in Cusco I myself almost did just that. It wasn’t the manly type with pictures of llamas on it, but a fitted cream number with a simple geometric design around the collar. It had fringe on the bottom, however, and toggles on the hood. I was in one of those tourism frenzies, where, overcome buy the excitement of all things new, the tourist buys or seriously considers buying things she would never even pick up otherwise. Luckily, some new friends who joined at the market played the “will you really wear it?” card and I was spared an unneeded sweater.

Then came Northwest Argentina, where llama sweaters again abounded. And, in a moment of need rather than want, I had to buy one. I had left my belongings in a hostel in San Salvador de Jujuy, had traveled to Humahuaca for Carnaval with nothing but two changes of clothes (both dresses), some pajamas, and my fleece. Too bad I hadn’t done my research and realized that Humahuaca is cold in the evenings, even in summer. Very cold.

So there I was in my thin pants and not quite warm enough fleece, with flip flops on my feet. The wind was picking up and it was promising to be a long night. What was a girl to do except to splurge on a $10 llama sweater, an oh-so-attractive thick and too big sweater, complete with llamas prancing across my chest. Wasn’t I the fairest of them all? But I was warm.

So now I’m back in New York with my llama sweater, which, in the land of Fifth Ave. and Soho boutiques might just be cause for beheading if I were to wear it outside (or at least cause for pointing and staring). So, if anyone out there would like a llama sweater, women’s medium, I have one here and it’s up for grabs.

Lesson learned: Check the weather ahead of time. And pack accordingly.



5 responses

28 02 2008

Do you think your fat mom would look wonderful in it? You could save it and give it to me for a gift sometime. I could pretend I love it!

12 03 2008

Please send me a photo of the sweater. could be I just can’t live without it!

13 03 2008
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2 01 2009
Margaret Kleinfeld

Do you still have this sweater? How much? I might be willing to take it off your hands. I recently took a cruise from S.F. down the west coast of Mexico, Central America and South America, around the horn and up to Rio. In Punta Arenas, Chile, I saw these great sweaters and jackets with llamas on them and I resisited. Now I’m sorry and want one but can’t find! Medium is my size. Let me know if you still have it and want to sell.

5 01 2009
Suzanne Russo

Sorry Margaret, unfortunately I sent the sweater off to California, where my very creative friend is attempting to felt it. Not being crafty myself, I’m not entirely sure what this means, except that I know she has washed it many times in hot water so it’s not shrunken down and will eventually be something else entirely. Good luck with the hunt though!

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