14 03 2008

It seems like the whole unemployment thing should render me plenty of time to get everything done, yet somehow as each successive day comes to a close I seem to have more unchecked boxes on my to-do list than I had when the day began. Where does the time go? Well, to job-hunting, mostly, but since the job hunt is mostly done on the internet, that means so many other distractions and influences. There are emails to be sent, companies to be researched, news stories to be read, and the list goes on.

Each new email (or blog comment) I get, each new site or article I find, adds about five things to my to-do list. And that’s to say nothing of the windows that stay open across my browser of sites I’ll look at, articles I’ll read, things I’ll do (when I have the time). Example: yesterday my dear friend Rachel—who has always been ridiculously creative and talented—left a comment on my blog with a solution to my llama sweater problem (I pause here to acknowledge the hilarity of the notion that I in fact have a llama sweater problem): I should felt it and make it into a bag so that it still remains useful and a memory of my trip, and I never have to wear it (thank you, by the way, Rachel, for adding that bit about my never having to wear it). I love the idea, so immediately I google felting, and now have woolcrafting site open on my browser.

And so, though every day feels wholly productive, I’ve now been home a whole month and still haven’t organized my photos to share. And that’s to say nothing of my book list. I came home with grand notions of diving into Borges and other South American writers, not to mention finishing the stray novels I never go the chance to finish during my hectic Masters program (not school books, of course). But it’s difficult to come out of a year and a half of intensive, non-stop reading and tackle the task of finally finishing One HundredYears of Solitude. This is to say nothing of all the books I’m now reading or hearing about, making my book list grow as exponentially as my to-do list.

Not that I’m complaining. Because each new check box I add to the list is a new eye-opener, and thousands of new thoughts to think, so every day I find myself a little further enlightened, like for example, learning that “felting” is actually a word. And one of these days I’ll even go so far as to discover what it is and how to do it. For now, I’m going to content myself with another list. I love lists.

Top things on my to-do list (besides the obvious finding a job):

  1. Organize my 700-something photos (this without pictures from the first two weeks—still waiting for my firend Liz to send me hers since my camera was stolen) into a manageable size and create a slideshow to share with those who care to see it.
  2. Learn what felting is and then attempt it. Then figure out how to do something equally creative with all the other useless souvenirs and memorabilia I have from this and other trips. Oh, and take a picture of my gold stilettos (also a Rachel comment).
  3. Finish reading The Ghosts of Spain (since it’ll take less than 100 years) and then pick up some Borges.
  4. Start working on my novel so that one day I might actually complete it, and because I have to have something to show at my next writing group meeting.
  5. Read more about my latest obsession, green travel.
  6. Start a blog category of lists. Oh wait… a check mark!



3 responses

14 03 2008

Great list, I vote for starting your novel, not that I get a vote;)

14 03 2008
Suzanne Russo

Thanks Bookbabie. I think I’m with you–now if only my muses could be on the same page as us 🙂

14 03 2008

okay. don’t fret about felting; the easy version is this: dump it in a super hot wash and watch it felt on it own, except this time you meant to shrink your sweater!!! then, once its super small and tightly “felted” together, cut some rectangles, sew together, and voila, a bag…or at least a pouch. don’t stress. sorry about that.

also, you MUST MUST MUST finish 100 years; one of my favorites. is there any other reason to finish it??? 😉 miss you.

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