Where Oh Where Has June Gone?

3 07 2008

Well, the last time I posted was a celebration of June, and now, one month later, June has slipped through my fingertips, a blur of sticky hot days, thunder storms, the best day ever (aka the day we had a cat), a computer crash, a birthday, and a trip to California, among many, many other things.

So in the midst of all things summer (and some things not so summer), I have neglected Around the World. I have not, however, neglected the gold stilettos, which went to the doctor and came home good as new. Or, rather, better than new (being that they were this time already broken in and didn’t make my feet numb upon the first wearing). Anyhow, so much has happened that I will spend the next few posts playing catch up. For now, the brief highlights:

  • The gold stilettos: Having seen better days, the girls went to the shoe doctor, aka the tiny, cluttered shoe repair shop on 8th Street. When I handed them over to the tiny (precious) little man who examined them for minutes (that seemed like hours) before telling me, in his deep, accent-laden voice, that they needed new soles and heels, then (FINALLY!) that he could also fix the broken spot. Oh the suspense.
  • The stilettos’ homecoming: The shoes were thoroughly displeased that their homecoming festivities were delayed by my trip to California. And that they didn’t get to come, but given new bag restrictions (and the fact that the fanciest I’d be getting at home was for a little girls’ tea party) I simply couldn’t take them. I made it up to them this week. New roomie Jess and I took the shoes out for a night on the town at French Tuesday, the swanky, exclusive Tuesday evening party for which she often works. The stilettos were in their glory among all the gorgeous New York elite, and all in all declared their welcome home party a success.
  • The Computer Crash of 2008: Perhaps in sympathy for the stilettos (or perhaps just to exasperate me), the computer went to the hospital too. That’s right. One night in early June (during a massive thunderstorm no less) my computer was working just fine and up popped the blue screen of death. I spent hours on the phone with Dell, only to have them conclude that my hard drive was done for. Lucky for me, it was under warranty and they sent out a new one. Unlucky for me, I’d been remiss in backing up data and the computer had to spend much of June at Circuit City while they retrieved key items that had been lost. Lesson learned: back up. Back Up. And then Back Up again. Now I have to organize my Peru pics once more. Some day I’ll actually send them out.
  • The Best Day Ever: On the very night that my computer crashed we played pet hotel for one very fabulous and very skinny (we named her Mary Kate) kitty that Jess found in the hallway of the apartment. We thought the folks in apartment 4 had moved out and abandoned her, so we took poor MK in and were almost instantly smitten. I am by no means a cat person, but this girl was like part of the crew: smart, and playful, and she too hated the pigeons that smash into our window. But, alas, the next day I discovered that there were indeed people in apartment 4, and though I hated to say goodbye (and to return her to the incredibly apathetic girl there) MK had to go home. But, like any chick flick faithfuls, we now refer to the day we had a cat, In Her Shoes-style, as the “best day ever.” (And we also meow when passing apt. 4 in hopes that MK will once again flee those awful people and come back to us.)
  • The Birthday: In the midst of all the computer chaos and packing, I turned another year older. My birthday began rather unceremoniously with a 2:30 (turned 3) a.m. shuttle pick-up and a 6 a.m. flight from New York to San Francisco. Talk about starting off the new year as a jetsetter! It was a great birthday, though, full of phone calls and emails from family and friends, who definitely know how to make a gal feel special. And going away meant I got to drag it on, because waiting here in New York were several cards and one of the best gifts ever received: Salinger, A critical and personal portrait, with essays by John Updike, Arthur Mizener and others. I cannot wait to read it (yes, I am that big a nerd).

Everything else, including my California adventures, must unfold in due time. But I will end with a photo, as requested in a long ago comment, of the gold stilettos, fresh, refurbished, and ready to take on the world.



4 responses

3 07 2008
rachel hayes

holy cow! those are VERY tall heels. i love you even more for making more than one evening in them! also, i’m glad you liked the book…it was kind of hit or miss…a 25 cent find, if you know what i mean. i’m not much of an expert, but i thought it would make a nice coaster if it didn’t work out! miss you. can’t wait to see you soon.

15 07 2008
Michael Christian

Your blog post was very interesting and funny. I have had this book (Salinger: A Critical and Personal Portrait) on my wish list for some time. I’m a big Salinger fan. Please let me know if the book is good. Thanks.
Mike Christian, mike@hiwrite.com

18 07 2008
Suzanne Russo

Thanks Michael. I will keep you posted about the book. I haven’t gotten too far but so far so good. The range of criticism on Salinger is pretty broad so it’s been fascinating. Stay tuned 🙂

24 07 2008
Michael Christian

Thanks for the update. I just read an excellent biography of Salinger by Paul Alexander. Quite an eye-opener.

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