Shameless Self-Promotion: Happy Feet!

9 09 2008

Or, rather, make that Happy Shoes. My feet, on the other hand, may never be the same. But it’s all in the name of fashion.

(Enter Shameless Self Promotion…)

The gold stilettos are officially in heaven. And I’m blissfully happy (though insanely sleep-deprived) too! We’ve both gotten to attend one of New York’s coolest and most hyped events: Fashion Week. That’s right: yours truly is covering Fashion Week for Timeout New York! Huge, huge deal.

I started attending shows on Wednesday and am officially fascinated. It’s a whole other world, with great people watching, lots of lusting after gorgeous clothes, and very little sleep. But I’ll take it. I will post more thoughts later, but now that’s all the time I have. I will, of course, implore you to read about the shows, here.



4 responses

9 09 2008

OH MY GOD THAT’S AMAZING! I’m so jealous that you get to go to shows!! What an amazing opportunity!!!! xoxo!

9 09 2008

i am so proud of you! i haven’t read all of your posts about fashion week yet, but it was great to see your name. reminds me of the good old days on the phone going over essay ideas. what geeks we were (are?)!

10 09 2008

How exciting it is for your old Mom to see your name in print! Love it…

18 09 2008
Vilma Pesantes

Oh what a wonderful opportunity!! So excited for you! The doors are now opening. Stay positive.

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