Monday Pennies

23 12 2008

Given the current economic downturn, we could all use all the pennies we can collect. And so, a few that mean a lot to me recently:

  • Subway friendliness: Yesterday I got to the subway station and could hear my train coming in as I went through the turnstile. I raced down the stairs behind two other women, certain I would get to the bottom only to see the train rolling out. Before reaching the platform I heard a voice saying, “She’s right there,” and when I got down saw a girl sprawled between the doors and holding them open for me. If that isn’t neighborliness, I don’t know what is.
  • New York Magazine: Last week’s issue (which I only received this weekend due to glitch with the lovely US Postal Service (namely my old post office) lists “Reasons To Love New York 2008,” two of my favorites being that  “Obama is One of Us” and that “Every Once in a While There Is Dancing in the Streets.” Also amazing is the (well-stated) claim that you have to be part masochist to make it in New York, and perhaps most outstanding is the lengths one goes to to live here.
  • New Books: I’m reading two right now: Forever, which will ultimately be a story about New York, but I’m only a few chapters in and am currently fascinated by the depth of Irish history involved (and will soon be diving into more of that) and I’m a Stranger Here Myself, Bill Bryson in all his genius, hysterical, insightful, classic.
  • Snow: Much as I hate the cold, the stuff has a magical quality to it:
  • blog-bike

    Snow flowers?

  • Trees: I know I may have overdone the Christmas thing, but these trees had to be shared:


    Reminds me of the village my mom and I make under our tree every year...

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Across the street from Bloomingdales

Across the street from Bloomingdales



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