Keeps Getting Better

13 01 2009

I continue my obsession with the California Academy of Sciences…

Not only is it sustainable and amazing, it also offers fantastic travel opportunities. Academy members gain free admission, special hours, free admission to lectures, and much more, including access to the travel program, which sends small group tours all over the world with specially trained guides for a close glimpse at some of the greatest nature has to offer. Coming up Feb. 9-18: “Galapagos in the Year of Darwin,” celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday with a return to where it all began. The cruise will island-hop, and an academy leader plus an additional expert will provide education on the topography and vast wildlife to be seen. Oh, and the option extension is none other than Machu Picchu. If only I had $7,000…

The American Museum of Natural History has a similar travel program, AMNH Expeditions for visits to cultural sites and unmatched educational experiences.



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