Pack Rat

2 04 2009

I leave tomorrow on a much needed trip. I’m heading down to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to write about a resort there. Since I’m seeing long lost friends for dinner tonight, I had to pack last night. It was no small feat. I’ve never been that great at economical packing, but it’s even more of a challenge when after many sun-starved months you start pulling out the beloved summer clothes that have been lying dormant in the back of the closet.

Not only do I prefer summer to winter, I found last night that I’m much more fond of my summer clothes than of my winter ones. I pulled out sundress after sundress and then had a debate with myself over how many outfits one really needs on a tiny Caribbean island. All to the tune of my latest obsession, a Spice Girls (yes I said Spice Girls)  station on Pandora—a combination of 90s pop, it’s just the sort of guilty pleasure that takes me back a long way to silly late night study breaks in high school (and less of a long way to rocking out at EuroCheapo).

I settled on four dresses that could go day or night and a couple that were just easy to throw on over a swimsuit, along with a couple pairs of shorts and plenty of workout clothes, as I intend to indulge in the yoga offered on the island, as well as many long hikes. It’s probably still far too much, but since the Squirrel is staying at home, and summer clothes take up so little room, I figure it’s okay. Also coming along is my new love affair, Flip, though the gold stilettos, much to their dismay, are sitting this trip out.

It’s my first foray into the Caribbean and I’m oh-so-happy about it. As are my summer dresses.



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