List: Things I’ve Done in the Time I’ve Disappeared

2 06 2009

It’s been a fairly hectic month or so, and I realize I’ve neglected this blog, and, for that matter, the stilettos. My flip flops and work heels, however, have been in fully rotation over the past hectic month. A few of the simple pleasures that have kept me from my computer…

  • Lit Crawl NYC: the second New York literary pub crawl went swimmingly and was loads of fun. Of course, as organizer, I spent more time running from place to place to check in than actually listening to the readings, but I loved it nonetheless. I was also, as it turns out, photographer for the night, until my camera battery died (see photos here).
  • Reading Esquire: one of the perks (and dangers) of the new job is that I have easy access to magazines all the time and that I must know the brands and their audiences. In perusing some issues of Esquire to find ideas for this year’s gift guides, I discovered something rather surprising: my new favorite magazine just so happens to be a men’s magazine.  It’s smart and funny and simply great journalism (more later).
  • Playing tour guide: over Memorial Day weekend Mom visited with Aunty Bee, her best friend, who, incidentally, is also the friend her mother found for her, so the two mother found friends got to meet. I dragged the ladies from the tip-top of Manhattan to the tiny enclaves of Brooklyn and loved the gal time and the sharing of my city.
  • Parking: this past weekend was spent enjoying the (finally) summer weather by parking it in Central Park. On Sunday afternoon we had the distinct pleasure of arriving to the park just before the sky opened up, at which point we took “shelter” under the trees and watched as many fled and equally as many continued to toss the frisbee in the rain. Then, just as quickly, the rain stopped and the returned, more lovely than before. Ah, New York…



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