Waiting for Is Worth It

9 06 2009

Much as I sometimes complain about my experience at NYU, I’ll say it was a good experience. I found a few great professors and met some great people, but more than that, it did two things.

It brought me to New York, city of vibrant people, where summer brings an array of free arts and culture, from the Atlantic Avenue Art Walk this weekend, where vairous stores and galleries along Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue opened themselves up to display cool artwork (the best, I’d say, was the screenprinting) to the Museum Mile Festival this evening, where, despite the promise of thunder showers, countless throngs are likely to show up for street food and games and, oh yes, free admission to some of the cities favorite cultural hot spots along the famed Museum Mile.

It also gave me an opportunity to acquire inexpensive tickets to Broadway shows, which is how I got to see, on Friday night, Waiting for Godot. Now, I’ve studied Godot, and seen it twice before, but never with Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin (and John Goodman and John Glover), who make the absurd premise of Beckett’s masterpiece more lighthearted than bleak, in a way that has audiences laughing with joy even as the cringe at the poignant pathetic situation in which the tramps, Estragon and Vladimir find themselves. It was, well, worth waiting for.



3 responses

10 06 2009

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! i can’t believe you saw waiting for godot…seriously. and, i do owe an email.

13 06 2009
Suzanne Russo

It was phenomenal. It made me think of you, especially when they were talking about memory (which isn’t something I really paid too much attention to before…) Miss you!

15 06 2009

Wow can’t believe I missed all those events! I need to be more on top of NYC stuff

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