Thought-provoking Video

21 06 2009

I recently came upon an article in the Times about a new school controversy. It seems people are actually finding it problematic that a video, The Story of Stuff, is being shown in schools and causing children to think about consumption. This controversy is not surprising to me, but it is shocking. I checked out the video myself, and yes, it is political. But it’s also upbeat and solution forward, and it’s a serious of lovable cartoon characters.

Most of all, though, it’s realistic. It’s the very dose of reality that most people in our society need. When I think of all the stuff I have/need/want, it’s one thing, but when I watch this video and really, truly think about what goes into making that stuff, it changes the whole need/want aspects. I’ll admit I’m not suddenly the anti-consumer (I still love my shoes), but I’m certainly more thoughtful about what I consume. And every little bit helps.

So truly I don’t really see where this could have a negative impact on anyone, especially children, to whom much of comsumer culture is based (gadgets, individually wrapped food and the list goes on…). Anyhow, it’s worth taking the 20 minutes to watch the video. And it’s also worth taking a few additional minutes to check out the website. There is much to be done and it’s one small, but important step.



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