Save California State Parks!

31 07 2009

I may not currently live in California, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less. In fact, living away from what is arguably our nations best state has made me even more devoted. I love New York, and I am fascinated by the number of beautiful places and the rich cultural and historical sights and stories the East Coast has to offer, but you don’t get much better than California’s weather. Until, that is, you add its beaches and its mountains and its incredibly laid back and happy people (how can you not be happy living there?).

And this to say nothing of its many popular and incredible State Parks. Recently, however, things are a bit amiss in the Golden State. It’s no secret that California is having some money troubles. And these money troubles mean troubles for the State Parks. The recent budget cuts mean the possible closing of up to 100 state parks. Travesty much?

So I’m taking a moment to get a little political (and a little sappy) and urge everyone who has ever marveled at the enormity of a redwood (or dreamed of doing so) to take action. Get more information on what you can do here.



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