Aruba Recap

9 12 2009

Aruba was warm and the people were kind (save for the crazy Dutchman, who shall remain nameless, who yelled at me), but I must say it was a bit of a tease. I continuously drove past gorgeous white sand beaches and that pristine Caribbean turquoise blue, but didn’t have much time to enjoy it.

Such is the life of the travel writer. If I seem a little “woe is me,” it is not because I spent a few days reveling in warmth and gazing at gorgeous ocean. It’s because I spent a few days lost on tiny roads, trying not to freak out. I generally have a great sense of direction, but Aruba was like an abyss to me. Few of the streets are on the maps, which makes little difference since even fewer actually have signs marking them. Instead, locals give directions via landmarks, turn left at th Wendy’s and right at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Except that this gets confusing when there are three Wendy’s and two Dunkins on the same street (noticing a trend? there is also a Tony Roma’s, a TGI Fridays, oh, and a Hooters).

I sought out some music, but Saturday (strange?) turns out to be a bad night for live music on the island, and being always lost in the day time, I wasn’t feeling super comfortable venturing too far after nightfall anyhow. Turns out there is a good music scene, I just happened to miss it (more in the guide).

So in all, not to whine, the trip was a bit of a bust, though highly productive from a work standpoint, and I did get to see some cool buildings downtown. Oh, and, but in chilly “27 feels like 9” degree New York, that sun brings some pretty happy memories… (More photos here.)



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