Shameless Self-Promotion: Gifts for Men

1 12 2009

So apparently I’ve unintentionally (but happily) become something of a gift guru. I wrote three guides for, the relationship site:

The New Relationship Gift Guide

Gifts for Every Type of Guy

Guys Reveal the Best Gifts Ever

Included in here, are some things I think are great, like adopting an olive tree from Italy (the foodie guy will love receiving oil made from his own tree), a community immersion/volunteer trip (a rewarding, enriching gift for you both), and the fun book Bed in a Tree (cool, unique hotels around the world).

Shameless Self-Promotion: Gift Guides!

11 11 2009

After months of holiday shopping—and finding millions of things I want (and millions of things you couldn’t pay me to have)—the Hearst holiday gift guides are here. And I’m pretty proud of how great they look. Gifts for everyone!

There are thousands (literally) of gifts for everyone on your list. Check them out!

Marie Claire gift guides for The Working Girl, The Men You Love, Stocking Stuffers, Charitable Gifts, The Domestic Diva, and more…

Redbook gift guides: Gifts for Best Friends, Great Gifts for Difficult People, Kid Glossary, Unforgettable Gifts, Gifts that Give Twice…

Esquire: Gifts She’ll Never Forget, Gifts That Will Get You Laid, Toys No One Else Will Get Them, Worst Gifts!…

The Daily Green: The Complete Green Outfit, Green Gadgets, Gifts Outside the Box, Safe Toys…

Good Housekeeping: Housewarming Gifts, Gifts for Teens, Stocking Stuffers…

Country Living: Go-To Gifts, One-of-a-Kind Gifts, Gifts for the Hostess, Gifts for the Farmer’s Market Foodie…

Seventeen: Gifts for Moms, Dads, Twilight Lovers and more…

Cosmopolitan: $20 Gifts That Look Way More Expensive, Gifts for People Who Have Everything…

Shameless Self-Promotion, and Yeah! SoSauce!

11 09 2009

I’ve raved before about SoSauce, the very fun, very cool travel hub for “travel geeks” like myself.  I’m now very proud to say I’m an official travel geek! The lovely folks at SoSauce have asked be to be a regular “featured writer” on SoSauce, so the stilettos and I will be sharing our adventures with more travel geeks through my journal entries on SoSauce.

This is hugely exciting not only because I get to be even more a part of a fantabulous organization, but because it’s a great place to swap adventures, and because all the wonderful tools on SoSauce allow me a forum to keep everything in one place. I can showcase all my favorite photos, mark my footprints around the world and even break up my journals into different themes. So far I’ve got New York adventures and more shoe stuff (with the female angle of course), but I’m planning on branching out, even from that.

Even more exciting (for me) is this fun little introduction the lovely Alisha over at SoSauce wrote (the stilettos are so happy they’re blushing). I’m honored to rank with such amazing travel geeks!

Oh Schmap!

6 07 2009

I recently discovered that two photos I posted on Flickr were selected to represent Woodlawn Cemetery and the New York Botanic Garden on Schmap, this new, nifty interactive map guide. This was exciting because: a) someone likes my pictures! and b) I discovered Schmap, this cool new digital travel guide, where users can publish schmaps (with photos, reviews and trip itineraries)  and access maps and guides from anywhere. Yet another reason I need to invest in a smarter phone than the jenky one I currently have.

Shameless Self-Promotion

5 01 2009

I’m excited to announce that I was finally (after much struggle with a crotchety Kinkos computer) able to make a copy of my first articles from CBS Watch! Magazine, published in December 2008! One discusses amazing hotel beds sold for the home, a personal favorite since one of my favorite things about going home to California is the Westin Heavenly Bed that awaits me there (no offense to all those family and friends I also love to see). The other examines the incredibly cool Dream Hotel of New York.  Both are now on my Published writing page, or, because I’m quite excited, here.

Holidays offManhattan

21 12 2008

Ok, this may be cheating a little bit, but I’m going to do it anyway. In keeping with my holiday obsession of late, I spent some time on Friday writing about holiday festivities off the island of Manhattan for none other than, a travel guide for New York that promotes green living by writing about places to visit outside Manhattan that are reachable by public transportation.

I had so much fun researching and writing this that I may have gotten a little carried away, but since most of these are things I want to do and see, I had to share them a second time here. Check it out.