Gold Stilettos Meet Red Stilettos

2 10 2009

Last Thursday’s gala was great not only for the Grease 2 memories it brought back, but it was a big night out for the gold stilettos, their first in quite some time (and now my feet remember why that is). Anyhow, amid the performances and the munchkin appearances, the gold stilettos managed a little sightseeing of their own. There, in one of the Tavern’s many rooms, was a whole display of ruby red shoes, 21st Century style.

These sparkly shoes of all shapes and sizes were part of a fundraiser for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Some of the world’s favorite designers, from Jimmy Choo to Betsey Johnson, answered the question, “What would Dorothy wear today?” Their answers were nothing short of inspiring (the gold stilettos were certainly impressed): from the playful to the elegant and all decked out in red crystals. The Ruby Slipper Collection toured the world for the past year, and then each pair was auctioned off, with its corresponding and equally lovely sketch, at the gala. I can’t think of a more gorgeous fundraiser, and neither can the stilettos (they are still drooling). See some of our favorites here