May Flowers

14 05 2008

Since Thursday, I have been frantically playing catch-up after two weeks of visitors. Not that I’m complaining. The great thing about having visitors (aside from the obvious seeing people) is that you get to do and see things you wouldn’t ordinarily.

In the case of Adrienne’s visit it meant, as already noted, eating. A lot. In the case of my parents, it meant a little something else. Not that we didn’t eat (a lot), but having my parents meant playing tour guide. And since we did all the typical “New York stuff” the last time they were here—including the Grayline bus tour—I had to think of new things to do, which meant venturing out of Manhattan.

The forecast for the week Mom and Dad were here was more April than May: my trusty had it raining all week. But it turned out they brought the California sunshine with them, so we had May weather after all (even if it went away again when they left). That meant springtime activities, and, since Manhattan was out, it meant Brooklyn.

So off we headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a lovely May day. I have never been, and was pleased to discover how simple it was to get there: just an easy jaunt on the Q train. Even better, we discovered that Tuesdays are free! It took a couple hours to wander through the whole park, and along the way we passed a several school groups, elderly outings, and mommy/baby groups who were wandering through or camped on one of the parks big open lawns. There were also, of course sundry artists with sketch pads or watercolors or massive cameras.

We saw tulips and azaleas and lilacs, but the best part was the cherry blossoms, which were in full bloom and amazing. They were all starting to fall and it was like pink snow in the air and all over the ground (and, it must be noted, in my hair).

No words needed.

No words needed.

And it was all so easy, I think I’ll become a Botanic garden regular. A friendly gardener pointed out bluebell lane, where nothing would grow under the shade of the big trees until some smart soul thought of English bluebells (though these, she told us, aren’t English at all). They were all just green but should be a field of blue by next week. Then I’ll be back in June for the roses.

I’ve already bookmarked their calendar of blooms. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even (heaven help us) take up watercolor. Okay, well, at least I’ll take some good photos.