Economic Crisis Brings a Little More Peace

13 03 2009

The upside to this gloom and doom recession we’ve got going on? More people are volunteering. Applications for AmeriCorps, an organization that gives volunteers a stipend in exchange for volunteer work (tutoring, building houses…) have gone way up, as have applications to the Peace Corps, up 16 percent from last year. Surely President Obama’s call to service has a little something to do with that (on January 20 and 21 alone, the Peace Corps reported a 37 percent increase in applications from the same period in 2008), but there seems to be something more at stake too.  With so many out of work these days, the Peace Corps is looking like a great option in terms of job security, and a good way to boost that resume as well, especially for those about to graduate college and vie for jobs against the many much more qualified current job-hunters.  Plus, it’s a great way to do a little good and see a little of the world, especially those parts we may never see.