Cool Travel Gifts

27 11 2009

In the spirit of gifting, USA Today has a cool article chock full of gifts for travelers. Some highlights I like:

  • Passport cover – I say take it a step further with a travel wallet where the receiver can keep passport, money, and any important documents. I’ve been coveting this one by British artist Edward Mokton ever since I saw dear Liz with it in Argentina. Something about the fun little cartoon is just sweet, plus not quite knowing where you’re going is the best kind of travel in my opinion.
  • Small notebook laptop. The HP minis are pretty cute and portable, and starting at $299 relatively affordable to boot. With the more and more planes having internet, it’s a good idea, though isn’t travel supposed to be about unplugging?
  • They also suggest checking out travel supplier Magellan’s for finds from a case to keep all their electronics organized to a talking translator.
  • is another traveler fave, and far more fashionable than old Magellan’s.
  • And lastly, I’m a particular fan of the digital luggage scale, great for over-packers like myself, especially as the airlines make it more and more difficult (and expensive) to bring everything you need and/or want to on a big trip.