Shameless Self-Promotion, and Yeah! SoSauce!

11 09 2009

I’ve raved before about SoSauce, the very fun, very cool travel hub for “travel geeks” like myself.  I’m now very proud to say I’m an official travel geek! The lovely folks at SoSauce have asked be to be a regular “featured writer” on SoSauce, so the stilettos and I will be sharing our adventures with more travel geeks through my journal entries on SoSauce.

This is hugely exciting not only because I get to be even more a part of a fantabulous organization, but because it’s a great place to swap adventures, and because all the wonderful tools on SoSauce allow me a forum to keep everything in one place. I can showcase all my favorite photos, mark my footprints around the world and even break up my journals into different themes. So far I’ve got New York adventures and more shoe stuff (with the female angle of course), but I’m planning on branching out, even from that.

Even more exciting (for me) is this fun little introduction the lovely Alisha over at SoSauce wrote (the stilettos are so happy they’re blushing). I’m honored to rank with such amazing travel geeks!