Treehouse Hotels (Yes, Really)

15 02 2010

I’m beginning to plan a trip to Costa Rica, and during a perfunctory initial search for country highlights, I discovered this interesting article from the Anchorage Daily News, of all places, about actual resorts in treehouses. It plays, I suppose, to the current travel climate: travelers looking for luxury without settling for canned resorts and chain hotels. Plus the whole eco-tourism thing, of course, though this is slightly oxymoronic, perhaps, given that actual trees must be used to create these “sustainable” treehouses. At any rate, I supposed it’s still preservation, and it’s an interesting idea—I mean, I’d have no problem staying here.

I thoroughly enjoy these unique accommodation experiences. Having stayed in a bell tower in Austria and a castle in Germany, I previously thought that such stays were limited to the youth hostel set, but it seems that folks with more grown-up tastes can have similar experiences, sans dorm rooms and down the hall bathrooms. If you’re one of those grown -ups (I’m not sure I am yet, though I’ve definitely graduated to the private room if youth hostels are in my future), check out this cool new book, Bed in a Tree, a survey of 27 unique beds in, well, trees, as well as other crazy spots—think igloos and gypsy wagons, and trains (oh my).