Hello world!

5 01 2008

Quite literally, actually (WordPress titled this, my first post. I’m just going with it.) I’m Suzanne, just a girl with a passion for travel and a desire to go out and experience the world. Sometimes this means basking in the glory of a Santorini beach and others it’s more like sweating as I trudge up the three hundred steps leading to an Amalfi homestay. Often it’s simply people-watching in Central Park, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, or other adventures closer to home.

But my primary reason for starting this blog is that in a mere twenty-four hours I’ll be exploring a whole new (to me, of course) continent. Yes, instead of packing right now(which of course is by no means a task I’ve completed) I’m sitting here blogging about how excited I am to head on my six week adventure to South America: Buenos Aires, Machu Picchu, and, well, beyond. Wherever my whims and my adventures take me. Now back to packing…



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