Almost Famous

19 02 2008

Now that I have a working shower and am slowly becoming reacquainted with the real world, it’s time to get some work done. This evening I headed to the Viva! Guides website, to start posting my reviews of Northwest Argentina, but before I could get started I saw a familiar face: my own. Right there on the front page, in a box titled “Writers On The Road,” was me, with a note that I am in Lujan, Argentina.

Sure, this is routine. Sure, it is nothing more than promotional. But to a struggling writer going through Argentina withdrawals, both the fact of my writing on display and the thought of another me still in Lujan made me a happy, happy girl. So now I must do my bit, a small blog for shameless self-promotion, to send all my readers right over to Viva! to see my ten minutes of fame. If anyone who actually cares happens to miss it, you can also find my (pathetic, thrown together to apply to class) profile, complete with all the guidebook writing I have done thus far, here.



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