Holiday Gifting

16 12 2008

Christmas is next week and this morning, as I walked through Union Square and watched vendors setting up the Christmas Market, I realized that I have yet to even think about holiday shopping. Yes, I am that girl. But, since most people I know procrastinate too (with the exception of my crazy sister who has had her shopping done and cards out since December 1), I guess I’m ahead of the game. At least I have this list of unique ideas to inspire other procrastinators like myself:

  • Green Christmas: Since I’m going to Colorado, where my family only recently (due to much pestering by yours truly) started recycling, I’m thinking green, and so is Sistemas Forestales Ecológicos, a company based in Mexico. For a mere $14 you can give the gift of ecology, in form of a Treesmas Tree. It’s the gift that keeps on giving: for 20 years the tree you adopt for a loved one will be cared for and protected from illegal logging. If that weren’t enough, once the tree is harvested, your recipient will receive a return on your investment (the value of the volume of their tree). Perhaps a long time for turn-around, but better than a bunch of stationery.
  • Deliciousness: If you have a foodie on your list, or even if you don’t, this is an amazing gift. Nudo is an olive grove in Tuscany that lets you adopt an olive tree. Your recipient gets an adoption certificate and tree information booklet (instant gratification), followed by a spring shipment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then a fall shipment of flavor-infused oil. Warning: the stuff is too good to cook with—bread-dipping only. You can even choose the grove from which your tree will come. (Choose wisely; if you’re really an amazing gift-giver, your birthday gift to said recipient could be a visit to the tree itself.) And if you can’t afford the $100 (in GBP, plus shipping)  the Nudo Shop sells an array of food items separately, so you can still give the gift of a refined palate. (I’m a little obsessed.)
  • Sabon= Soap: Trees may not be your thing (though clearly they are mine), but don’t go the route of bath products unless they are truly superior. Sabon is a New York-based soap company that sells a myriad of bath and home products in luscious scents. The best part is that all hail from Israel and most are made from the vital minerals and salts of the Dead Sea. You’ve never experienced hand cream until you’ve experienced Sabon Body Butter ($11.75), a magical, melts at body temperature substance that leaves skin softer than you imagine. But my personal favorite is the Body Scrubs ($24-30), which are made with those magic salts from the Dead Sea to make your skin silky smooth. And they look pretty too.
  • Here’s to the Wanderers: If you’re a New Yorker or visiting New York before Christmas, give the gift of travel. Idlewild Books, a.k.a. my new favorite place, is a travel book store, that is not only beautiful but sells all things travel, a go-to place to pick up the guidebook along with the literature of a particular place. Or better yet: if you can’t decide, tell the smart folks there about your giftee and their trip, and they’ll take care of the rest, with a customized gift pack (hint: mention DailyCandy before 12/29 and get 25% off a pack of three or more).

Whew! A lot of word for four gift ideas. Now stop reading and get to shopping!



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16 12 2008

Great ideas! I love the olive oil suggestion.

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