Guest Post: A Girl’s Wish

26 12 2008

Holiday travel is always stressful, but well worth it when you arrive to hugs and the smiling faces of some of the cutest kids in the world. We’ve not done much but around the house, so I have little to report in terms of Colorado, but, in the vein of female bonding and passing the torch to a new generation of writers, I present some holiday cheer in the form of a guest blog. Without further ado, “A Girl’s Wish,” a story by Miss Olivia Jean Russo, age seven.

A Girl’s Wish

One day a  girl named Sarah wanted a webkinz Racon. She asked her mom. Her mom said no. So one night Sarah heard a sound on the roof. She climed up on the roof  and saw  Santa with  a webkinz Racon. She went up to Santa and was  so happy. She got to ride in his sleigh. Because she was so happy she got to go to the north pole and see the elves. The next day Sarah’s mom was  wondering where Sarah was. Sarah was watching tv with Mrs . Clause. They were watching  Elf. When Elf was over Sarah had to go home. When she was home she got to go Christmas shopping with her mom.

About the Author

Hi my name is Olivia Russo. I have two dogs. My favorite food is ice cream. I have five people in my family. My friends call me Liv. My mom sometimes calls me sassy pants when Iam bad. my favorite animal is a dog.I like to go to the pool with my family.We also like to go to Sweet Tomatos. We like to go camping at Horsetooth reservoir. I like to go on rides on the boat. Ilike to jet ski and snow ski. When I grow up I want to be an author and write all kinds of stories. I want to live in Hawaii because you get to swim jet ski and swim with the dolphins.

Written by Olivia Russo and typed (exactly as written) by Olivia Russo and Lauren Markel

Budding Young Writers, Lauren Markel (left) and Olivia Russo

Budding Young Writers, Lauren Markel (left) and Olivia Russo



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